Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ikea'd Port-Liner

So, one of the trains that I'll be taking to university every morning is called the Port-Liner.

Ah yes, I should mention that I'll be living on the artificial Port Island in Kobe- which is constructed on "reclaimed land," the first of two in Kobe before Rokko Island. It houses, among other things, the Kobe National Airport, the Ueshima Coffee Company Coffee Museum and, well, shipping stuff as indicated by its name.

The Port-Liner is an AGT, or Automated Guideway Transit system. It was the world's first AGT when it opened in 1981. It runs from Sannomiya Station (the main hub of Kobe) to the Kobe Airport.

At any rate, IKEA decided to deck the Port-Liner out to promote a new outlet being opened on Port-Island. Unfortunately, this craziness only lasts until May 6, far before I arrive...

I still have to dig around a bit, but I'm guessing that Ikea putting an outlet on this island means that Port Island is a bit more than just an industrial/ residential area as I initially suspected. And judging from a Google Map picture, it is much bigger than I expected.

I'll be snooping around for more Kobe news.

[source : pink tentacle]

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