Thursday, September 25, 2008

About 5 days left

Studying kanji with a fury and focus as yet unseen...

Also good news- Kobe said they weren't sending me an escort to the dorm, which would have ended in me frantically scribbling on my Nintendo DS kanji dictionary in a feeble attempt to navigate the train system of Osaka, but luckily for me, I know Japanese that live nearby.

My friend Tetsu will be bringing me to port island and also has agreed to help me find a cell phone when I get there, which would have been a major pain since I have only a basic understanding of financial/ technical Japanese vocabulary. I'm sure I'd make do but having a native speaker present will certainly help.

Also, apparently Port Island (the artificial island I'm to be living on), is actually residence and corporate buildings all mixed up.

Here's a big map of the train system, I'll have to go from my dorm to Rokkodai station my train every morning.

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