Friday, April 17, 2009

Long Time No Post!

Hello everyone, just thought I'd put a quick placemark post before the weekend really kicks into gear. I know its been quite some time since my last big post, but man, I've been busy. Trying to get my job at school set up, trying to get into some clubs, and classes to top it all off I've been starting classes... its been a busy week.

My schedule is shaping up to be something like this: Mondays are generally free in the morning and I'll start the day off with lunch, then work, then possibly a journalism lecture (in japanese- probably going to be tough) or a Aorth Asian culture class. Tuesday is my intensive japanese as well as my television/ news comprehension class. This listening class is taught by one of my favorite teachers, Harrison Sensei, who taught one of my general intensive classes last semester. Other than that I may be taking Chinese that day as well (a general conversation class, but it seems pretty basic.) Wednesday is probably my easiest day- I've only got a Japanese conversation class, a calligraphy class, and a culture/ translation class that is partially taught in English, partially in Japanese. Thursday is my busiest- Character culture, two periods of intensive Japanese, and Reading/ Comprehension. Friday is two periods of Nakanishi Sensei's JLPT-aimed Japanese exercises as well as a Kanji class.

So I'll be fairly busy during the week. Also, Tuesday and Thursday are Iaido Club (this is a martial art involving katana swords) as well as Shoryu Kempo, a martial art that revolves around incapacitation. I'll also be trying to go to a tennis circle. I was originally planning on joining a rakugo circle (Japanese comedy) or a music circle (requires an instrument typically) but I havent decided. I should be all set on what I want to do after this week.

So I'll be pretty busy with class, and be spending extra hours at the library. But I think my Japanese is going to definitely expand over the next semester. After this last half year, I wonder just how much I will learn these next few months?

Tomorrow is a trip with an Osaka University circle to Awaji Island, which isn't a main island of Japan but has three districts of Hyogo prefecture on it. I dont know much about Awaji other than that the Naruto whirlpool is near it and that the southern district is famous for its Nou puppet plays, but we shall see what we see. Tonight is a house party at Charlie's, and we should have quite a few people coming. We plan to make some Nabe or Takoyaki tonight, depending on how much money we decided to spend on something like a Takoyaki maker.

Before that I am heading into Sannomiya to grab a few things and study for a short while. Here's to tonight and the next week being successful and fruitful.

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No Direction Home said...

Your schedule is much more awesome than mine. No fair.